December 1, 2015

All of our services and solutions are tailor-made and are designed to meet our customers specific requirements and needs. We achieve this via constant dialogue between our customers and potential partners in export markets.

We have been working with many Finnish companies in different business areas, such as: machinery and metal industry, agriculture, construction, electronics, engineering and planning services, automotive and chemical industries. In addition, many of our clients’ projects have received government funding such as from Tekes, JYKES, LY Keskus or Finvera.

Our concept is very simple:

  1. We have our own sales organization ready in Germany. In practice, therefore, you can outsource your export business to us.
  2. We translate your home page and your main brochures into German language, because without the German-language sales material it is impossible to succeed in that market.
  3. Our goal is to get as many offers as possible, which become concrete orders.

This step does not require significant use of your own company resources. Our local salespeople know and understand the needs of German customers, language and culture.

Our services:

Research potential export destinations
Thorough research before entering a new market can save you thousands of euros in unnecessary expenses. We will carry out an analysis of your competitors and deduce your comparative advantages in order to be able to position your product within your export destination.

In addition, we have thorough knowledge of the market situation, business culture, and even the judicial systems of the given markets, as well as professional local teams who act on the spot as a local representative for your company.

Systematic development and expansion in the existing export business field
In our clients’ portfolio there are also companies who have already started exporting and are now looking for ways to expand their businesses in their export destinations by augmenting the number of cooperation partners or dealers, or by increasing their sales force in the local market. We design a solution for your company that will match your specific needs.

Building business networks
Bringing potential cooperation partners together is part of our expertise. We have a large established network of contacts in manufacturing fields in various markets and we are expanding that network on a daily basis.

Finding new projects and products
Are you looking for new business opportunities? Do you need new products? Do you want to outsource part of your local production? Within our widespread network, we are able to find you projects that could offer you new areas of business. We can also find you new products that would complete your present product range. Are your local manufacturing costs too high, and are some of your products under strong pricing pressures that makes them unprofitable for you? This is also an area in which we can find you suitable, reliable OEM manufacturers.

Customer analysis
We will find out why your existing local customers are not buying more, what they may need in order to change this, and how you can serve your existing customers better. We will also find you new customers and new customer segments, which give your company the opportunity to grow.

Gallup polls
We will carry out research to make you aware of your present market situation, your future opportunities, and what changes to make. Together with you, we select the critical clientele to contact and will handle all of the telephoning duties in order to conduct a poll that involves them. We ask them the questions that are important to you. We find the answers for you so that you will know what can be done differently and better.

Assistance with participating in local fairs and exhibitions
Our local teams who have  thorough knowledge about the market, the situation involving your competitors, and the local business culture, who speak the local language, and are sales professionals are at your service as the local representatives for your company.